Municipal Court

Spector Foerst & Associates’ full-service diversified practice ranges from assisting the average citizen involved in a municipal court matter for something as simple as an expired vehicle registration to representation of criminal defendants charged with drug possession or drunk driving.

Our experience in government and the criminal justice system gives us a unique perspective on protecting the rights of our clients. As public defenders and prosecutors, we are armed with experience that gives us and our clients a distinct advantage.

While the Constitution may require the presumption that someone is innocent until proven guilty, without proper legal representation, those rights can get trampled under the feet of aggressive police and overly zealous prosecutors.

If you have received a traffic ticket, been charged with DUI, need municipal court representation or are the subject of an indictment inquiry, we are here for you.

Over the years, we have represented clients in numerous types and varieties of legal dilemmas. Through these experiences and with the assistance of our network of specialized attorneys, we are able to guide you through almost any legal conundrum. Our goal is to be your "law firm for life," and we do everything we can to keep you as our client for the long term.


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