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Estate Planning

Spector Foerst & Associates is counsel to clients, young and old, on their estate planning needs. This can be as easy as a simple will or as advanced as a complicated familial trust. Whether you need a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, or Advanced Care Directive (Living Will), we are able to fulfill your estate planning needs and preserve the fruits of your labors for your children and grandchildren.

We are also able to guide you and your family through the probate process and assist you with administering and disposing of an estate. As experienced litigation attorneys, we are also able to fight in court for your rights to an inheritance or protect your family’s assets from unwanted claims against an estate.


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Spector Foerst & Associates is counsel to clients who require assistance in obtaining guardianship for an elderly individual, child or individual with disabilities already enrolled with the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). The need for a guardian arises when an individual, regardless of age, is no longer able to care for themselves. This situation arises for many families who are searching for a way to care for and be legally responsible for their loved ones. Our firm can assist you in determining what the appropriate course of action is for you and your family and present your case to a judge.

Over the years, our attorneys have been appointed by the court to represent individuals with developmental disabilities and individuals who are unable to attend to their financial, legal and medical affairs in guardianship matters. As a result, we are able to guide you and your family through the process of seeking guardianship. It is highly recommended that individuals seeking guardianship rely on the services of an attorney, as the process can be very complex and emotionally demanding on your family. The Court rules can be quite daunting for someone who is focused on caring for their needy relative.

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